Granadilla Tenerife – Room to Let

For people not in Tenerife yet


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100 year old, privately owned Canarian House with 8 guest bedroom for single people.

To offer you the security of knowing you have somewhere to stay for as long as you need it, we have special arrangement (see below).. For those that need assistance with paperwork or translators, we are happy to help with that.

You can reserve a room with a security deposit of 1 months rent (our smallest room is a special price of 200€) You can make your decision as to length of stay when you arrive. Here are the options.

  1. Once the deposit is paid, your room is no  longer available to others. The minimum stay is 1 month. If your circumstances change and you decide not to stay the deposit is forfeit in lieu of 1 months rent and there is no further commitment.
  2. On arrival 1 months rent is due in cash. You then have 1 week to decide your length of stay. Your deposit s refundable at the end of your stay, one month from arrival or whatever length of stay you decide. The term is generally 3 or 6 months and longer terms need to be notified 1 month before the end date to keep the room.
  3. Usually, once people have found work and know the location suits, the room can be reserved long term with 1 months notice to leave. Again, the security deposit is return on departure assuming no damages etc.

Further information about the house and rooms.